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Have Surplus Stock to Clear?

Excess and Surplus stock
Out of Date Stock
Waste Material
Business Clearance Stock
Insolvency Liquidating Stock
Discontinued Stock
End of Line Stock

We buy excess perishable and non-perishable stock


We are a leading UK buyer of surplus, spoiled and clearance stock. Our clients include international retailers, manufacturer, distributors and import/exporters which extend round the glove.

We buy and broker deals to enable businesses to free up valuable space and capital which can be put to more effective use and improve their performance.


Types of stock we take.

Food Stuffs

We collect both raw ingredients and finished product which may be nearing it's use-by date or simply end-of-line product which is no longer for sale.


We can collect most types of faulty or returned electronic stock from IT kit through to audio visual kit.

Home & Garden

We buy home and garden furniture both complete and damaged. 

Health & Beauty

We buy cosmetic products which may be damaged, end of line or simply slow moving stock

Beverages & Alcohol

We buy both alcohol and soft drinks which may have spoilt or be damaged during overseas transit. 

Clothing & Footwear

We are able to collect out of fashion and end of line clothing including footwear, seasonal wear and uniforms.

Value Added Services.

We are able to arrange the transportation of any kind of cargo via any mode of transport at no additional cost to you.

We can repackage, resleeve and decant any brand sensitive stock or spoiled stock before it is made available for resale. This may also include cleaning stock or removing particular items which is unfit for resale and needs to be disposed of in the correct manor. 


Have Waste stock to clear?

Disposing of waste or residual stock which is no longer fit for consumption or use can be costly. If you have stock which has to be disposed of in the correct manor and requires all the relevant certification thereafter then we can help you find the right outlet to safely and securely dispose of you're waste.


Abandonend Cargo Stock

We buy unclaimed freight and abandoned shipments which are stuck in ports across the UK. We have the capability to collect any 20ft or 40ft shipping container and unload it at our site in Doncaster. Containers can then be safely returned usually within a 24 hour turn around. 

  • What type of stock do you take?
    We focus mainly of Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) both perishable such as foodstuffs, ingredients, beverages and alcohol but also non-perishable items such as home and garden items, fitness inventory and clothing/footwear. We do also purchase other items which may be more specialist goods such as vehicle parts and electronics. Regardless of what you have, get in touch!
  • What do you do with the stock and where do you sell to?
    Depends on what it is! We usually buy it with the intention of selling either as a finished product or as material. Most stock is usually sold back into the UK markets or moved into the EU. However we are more than happy to sign agreements to prevent selling via certain platforms or to certain rival companies to prevent any unfair advantage.
  • How do you collect the stock?
    Depends on the volume. But we can arrange for Luton box vans right through the curtain side lorries. We also have access to Hiab Trucks which can list heavy duty goods and machinery. All logistics can be sorted by us unless you prefer to arrange your own transport.
  • Do you have minimum volumes?
    Not necessarily, although it depends on the product. Ideally we do look for large volumes as we are used to dealing in bulk. However we will consider any volume if it’s for the right type of stock.
  • Where are you based?
    Are main facility is in Doncaster. We provide bulk storage for many businesses and so have access to conveyors for unloading products and access ramps to unload both 20ft and 40ft containers using forklifts.
  • What value added services do you offer?
    We are regularly asked to remove certain packaging labels/sleeves before product(s) can be resold. We are also able to clean stock and can repalletize stock if required.
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